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Indigo Wild offers a range of all-natural aromatherapy products for body and home. Any more natural and you’d be naked.

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Zum Soap available at UtopiaZum Bar Goat’s Milk Soap

When it comes to karmaceuticals, what we don’t do is just as important as what we do do. So we don’t do diazolidinyl urea or its evil twin iodopropynyl butylcarbamate. Both are sweet word scores for Scrabble, but bad, bad things to put on your body. We don’t do parabens. Parabens are used as preservatives by some big cosmetic companies. We don’t do phthalates. It’s not just an awkward string of consonants, but a common ingredient in many mainstream cosmetics. It’s also a hormone disruptor and easily absorbed through the skin.

That’s like inappropriate touching. We use natural and organic ingredients that naturally sink deepinto the skin: shea butter and meadowfoam seed oil for starters. We don’t do laureth sulfate. It’s actually got a dark side as a sinful synethic foaming agent. We use natural ingredients like saponified coconut oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil.

Zum Mist

With just a few squirts, Zum Mist spritzes away bad vibes and nasty funk, leaving you in an aromatherapy paradise. Spin the bottle and dare to feel good any which way you can imagine. Body spray, aromatherapy shower sauna, hair freshener, linen lover, bathroom buddy, car companion. The uses are as profuse as the goosebumps you’ll feel after spraying it. And the ingredients are simple: purified water, pure essential oils, vegetable glycerin, and you.

Zum Face

The only thing these products can’t wipe off your face will be that smile. It feels good clearing your countenance without chemical peels. And that Cheshire grin will never fade with our simple, no-fuss regimen. It cleanses and hydrates the all-natural way, resulting in beautiful, healthy skin. No mineral oils, no parabens, no synthetics, no microbeads, no phthalates, no triclosan, no BHT, no BHA, no aluminum chlorohydrate, no sulfates, no petroleum by-products, no fragrance.

Zum Wash

Dirt is a buzzkill, Zum Wash is a skin thrill. A premium liquid soap that’s super emollient, carefully handmade, and deeply aromatic. Pump and dump dirt from shower to every sink in the house. It seeks out germs, sweat, and shame, while flooding the senses and the skin with the purest of pure ingredients. No synthetic foaming agents, parabens, phthalates, or anything toxic. It was also breathed upon by three different unicorns.

Zum Wee Baby Products available at UtopiaZum Body

The path to supple skin is short, but the journey is long and lovely. Slather on Zum Body lotion, then feel yourself floating above the dryness for an out-of-body experience. Your skin feels soft and healthy. Not oily and never greasy. Repeat after us: you are one with the dandelion and red clover infusion, shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil, aloe vera, extracts of angelica, avocado, coltsfoot, and more. Available in 2 oz. tubes or 8 oz. bottles. Visit for a full list of ingredients.

Zum Oil

Zum Oil hits every spot, A to Z. It’s the purest of massage and body oils that sends a clear message: O-M-G. A little pump will do ya. And before you know it, you’re plastered in a sea of chi. Goodbye kinks, hello kinky. Never crude (unless you want to be) with ingredients like shea butter and oils of sweet almond, avocado, meadowfoam seed, and hemp.

Zum Rub

Get loaded on a deep moisturizing goat’s milk and shea butter salve. Rub it on elbows, frizzy hairs, lips, heels, cuticles, tattoos, anywhere that’s dry, damaged, or where your body needs it moist. And wherever you rub it, you’ll always finish with a happy mending.

Zum Clean available at UtopiaZum Clean

Clean up your laundry’s grime scene with this all-natural spot-stain-stink cleaner. Zum Clean Laundry Soap isn’t the “D” word (detergent) or all the nasty chemicals that go with it. And just because it cleans your panties naturally, doesn’t mean it’s a pantywaist. We use coconut oil soap to clean and lift stains, baking soda to remove odors, and 100% pure essential oils for a scent that is the perfect ending. No parabens, phosphates, petrochemicals, cocamidopropyl betaine, or sulfates. Low-sudsing, highly concentrated, and perfect for high-efficiency machines.

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